BSidesSF 2021 Event Summary

That’s a Wrap!

Last Tuesday, we concluded our first virtual BSidesSF! We appreciate everyone who joined us for four days of education, community, and collaboration. Over the course of the event and in the days following, we saw 2360+ views across 22 talks/presentations for a total of 810+ hours of view time.

If you’d like to watch a talk (yet) again, all talks played this year are available on the BSidesSF YouTube channel. In addition to the talks and presentations, we also ran a 42 challenge CTF. 240 teams with a total of 631 players solved at least one challenge and submitted a total of 1614 flags.

As with years past, this year we again raised money for three deserving charities through the sales of BSidesSF merchandise. EFF, Hackers for Charity, and the Malala Fund all will be receiving great donations thanks to you all. For those who pre-ordered swag, we expect to ship all items by the end of next month.

After running a virtual event this year, we are considering adding a virtual component to next year’s live in-person event. To help inform our 2022 event, we want to know what you enjoyed this year and how we can do better. To provide your feedback, please take a moment to complete our short survey.

Finally, speaking of next year’s event, please mark your calendar for BSidesSF 2022 on February 6th & 7th (and subscribe for updates)! If your organization is interested in sponsoring our 2022 event, please contact If you are interested in helping plan our next event and are willing to commit to a year-long volunteer position, please reach out to

Thank you again for your participation, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!


The BSidesSF 2021 Staff