Before taking any photos or videos, first ensure you have the permission of everyone who will be in the photo or video. This includes those who may be in the background of your shot. Crowd shots taken from the front (those facing the crowd) are strongly discouraged. If you’ve mistakenly taken a photo or video without permission, delete it. If you are asked by a participant to delete or blur a photo or video containing their likeness, please do so immediately. BSidesSF does not grant authority to participants to publish photos, videos, or any other representations of other participants at the event without their consent.

By attending BSidesSF, you consent to being filmed, recorded, and/or photographed, wherein your image, voice, and likeness may be used by the event producers. If we are asked by a participant to delete/blur their image in a photo or video that may be utilized for promotional purposes, we will make a best effort to accommodate the request.

Some policies graciously borrowed from BSidesLV and adapted for BSidesSF.