Update on BSidesSF 2021

After much deliberation, we, the organizers of BSidesSF, have decided not to hold an in-person event in 2021. The community aspect of BSides is one of its defining characteristics, and despite our best efforts, we could not determine how to meaningfully replicate community in a virtual event.

In its place, we’ll be replaying a selection of the best talks from our past events and pairing these talks with live Q&A and a virtual CTF. While we realize this isn’t a replacement for our annual event, we hope you’ll continue to support BSidesSF in 2021 and beyond. Please know this is in no way the end of BSidesSF. We plan to be back with a live event in 2022.

For prospective sponsors, we will have a small number of sponsorship opportunities available. Reach out to sponsors [at] bsidessf.org to get notified once our sponsorship kit has been released.


The BSidesSF Staff