CTF is coming back to BSidesSF 2018!

Our CTF (capture the flag) competition will be running from 9am PDT Sunday, April 15th till 4pm PDT Monday.

It’ll have a range of challenges at all difficulty levels, and we’ll have folks on-site in the CTF room (SoMA) for hints and guidance. Everyone is welcome! Individuals, teams, or whatever! Bring your laptop!

Register and play here! The server at will be available for the full duration of the conference, including overnight, and anyone is allowed to play and help. Note that at least one player must be on-site to claim your prize, though!

There will be folks on-site in the CTF room and in our Slack room (#ctf) to answer any questions.

This year's CTF is sponsored by HackerOne.

E-mail ctf [at] bsidessf.org for questions.