CTF is coming back to BSidesSF 2017!

Pre-registration is open! Visit the CTF scoreboard to register, then come back on February 11th to play!

We will be running a CTF this year! Sweet!

The game runs from Saturday, February 11 at 4pm PST, to Monday, February 13 at 4pm PST. You can play on-site in the CTF room during the conference, or you can play online by coming back here.

It’ll be targeted towards beginner and intermediate players, but there will be a couple harder challenges as well!

There will be folks on-site in the CTF room and in our Slack room (#ctf) to answer any questions.

Check back here for more information, or when the game starts!

This year’s CTF is sponsored by Google. Prizes sponsored by Synack.

E-mail ctf [at] bsidessf.org for questions.