Our code of conduct is “Show respect and tolerance for each other’s uniqueness. Be kind and practice the golden rule.”

We have NO TOLERANCE for physical, verbal, or sexual harassment; intimidation; or marginalization of any human!

Put another way: any action, behavior, speech, or dress that causes significant interference with event operations, significant discomfort to other participants, or adversely affects BSidesSF’s relationship with its participants, its venues, or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in revocation of your event badge, expulsion from the property, and reporting to the authorities.

Simply put, “Do not be an ass* or we will kick your ass out!”

For clarification, asking questions of a speaker during their talk in order to gain clarity or debate a point is NOT being an ass; heckling or haranguing the speaker is. If you are not sure where to draw this line, err on the side of basic decency and common courtesy. Or ask yourself, “Would I condone this behavior if done to me, my best friend, sister, niece, daughter, brother, nephew, son, mother, or father?” If the answer is anything but yes, then do not treat anyone in this manner. In addition, if someone asks you to stop, you must STOP.

If you have any issue or witness any behavior by any participant, staff, or volunteer (of ANY badge type) that is not consistent with our Code of Conduct, please report it to any radioed staff member or member of our Public Safety Team in an orange BSidesSF t-shirt. They will call our Incident Response Team who will take an official incident report and determine next steps.

For other non-event related incident concerns, e-mail incident@bsidessf.org for assistance.

*The BSidesSF staff reserves the right to determine what constitutes “being an ass”. It may include any unlawful behavior.


There are risks involved in any event. By attending BSidesSF, you assume all risks incidental to the event and release BSidesSF and its respective staff and affiliates from all claims related to or arising out of the event or your presence at the event. In other words, you, your heirs, assigns, successors, personal representatives, and executors will not make a claim against, sue, or attach the property of BSidesSF or any BSidesSF director, officer, or volunteer for injury or damages arising out of or in connection to your participation in this event. Your badge is a revocable license to enter the event. If you do not comply with all applicable policies of the event, we reserve the right, without providing a refund, to refuse entry or eject you.

Some policies graciously borrowed from BSidesLV and adapted for BSidesSF.