Last Updated: May 23, 2022

Your health and safety is our top priority. We are closely monitoring the health and safety orders provided by the City and County of San Francisco and the State of California. Things can change at any time, especially with the arrival of new variants. If we change this policy in any material way, we will provide updates via this page, our newsletter, blog, and social media.

Please expect additional delays during registration to accommodate the implementation of our health and safety plan. Reminders will be sent out to all registered participants prior to the event to help ensure a smooth conference experience for all. Additionally, we highly encourage you to also take an at-home COVID-19 test prior to and following the event.

Vaccinations: Following the recommendation of both San Francisco and California regulation for indoor Mega-Events, all participants of BSidesSF (including leads, staff, volunteers, vendors, presenters, general participants, etc. – this means everyone) must be fully vaccinated before they enter the conference area. “Fully Vaccinated” and “Full Vaccination” mean two weeks after completing the entire recommended initial series of vaccination (usually one or two doses) with a vaccine authorized to prevent COVID-19 by the FDA, including by way of an emergency use authorization, or by the World Health Organization (WHO). For all participants, the last day to have completed your authorized COVID-19 vaccinations was May 20, 2022.

Medical, religious, or philosophical objections will not be accepted. We also highly recommend that if you are eligible that you have received at least one booster dose.

Proof of Vaccination: Valid forms of vaccination proof include a valid government-issued photo ID and one of the following:

  • Original, copy, or electronic photo of the CDC vaccination card (or similar documentation issued by another foreign governmental jurisdiction)
  • Personal digital COVID-19 vaccine record issued by the State of California available by going to
  • Personal digital COVID-19 vaccine record issued by another state, local, or foreign governmental jurisdictions

The name and birthdate on your ID and your proof of vaccination must match.

We highly recommend that you bring your digital proof of vaccination for expedited processing.

Wristbands: Once your vaccination status has been confirmed, you will be issued a wristband. Wristbands must be worn visibly for the duration of your stay at the event. If you need to replace your wristband, please visit registration for a new vaccination check.

Masks: Based on recent increases in COVID-19 cases in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are requiring that all participants of BSidesSF wear a mask while inside for the entirety of the event, except when you are 1) actively eating or drinking; or 2) a presenter actively giving your talk/workshop. Masks must be worn completely over both your mouth and nose.

Failure to comply with our mask policy will result in removal from the event without refund or recourse.

Know which masks provide the best protection against COVID-19:

Most Effective More Effective Effective Least Effective
N95 KF94
• Double Mask
• Fitted Surgical Mask
Surgical Mask Fabric mask with three or more cloth layers

No matter what kind of mask you wear, check the fit and eliminate gaps above the nose or on the sides. Gaps will significantly reduce the effectiveness of any mask.

In addition:

  • Bandana style or other single layer cloth masks are not permitted.
  • Masks with a respirator valve are not permitted.

Children: If you bring a child under the age of 5, proof of vaccination is not required. However, said child must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test within the last 24 hours for antigen tests and within 48 hours for PCR tests. Children under the age of 2 are not required to wear a mask. You will need to stop at registration daily for a check of test results and to get a special daily wristband. All attendees 2 years and older must comply with our mask policy. All said, probably best to keep your young kids at home this year. Sorry!

Hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol is available throughout the event space. Please make liberal use of it.

Disinfection: Disinfectant wipes will be provided throughout the event space.

Ventilation: Being in crowded places like our conference center or movie theaters puts you at higher risk for COVID-19.

  • The CDC recommends that you avoid indoor spaces that do not offer fresh air from the outdoors as much as possible.
  • In the City View space, an outdoor space is available.
  • In the AMC theaters, fresh, outdoor air is constantly circulated by opening HVAC dampers, running supply fans, and by running exhaust fans 24/7. The filtration systems have also been upgraded beyond the industry standard of MERV 8 to MERV 13 filters. MERV 13 filters capture the tiniest of droplets, which could contain the COVID-19 virus, whereas the industry standard MERV 8 filter does not.

Handwashing: Multiple bathrooms are available with soap and water. Instructions are posted reminding all participants to wash hands for at least 20 seconds in accordance with CDC/WHO guidelines.

Signage: Signage highlighting healthy habits will be posted throughout the event space.

Not feeling well? Out of respect for everyone’s health, we ask that you do not attend if any of the following is true:

  • You are not feeling well.
  • You have any of the symptoms related to COVID-19, especially loss of taste or smell and/or fever.
  • You have recently been in contact with someone diagnosed with or suspected to have COVID-19.
  • You have recently been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • The CDC Guidelines indicate that you should quarantine or limit your exposure to other people, especially due to COVID-19.

Refund: If you are not able to attend due to health reasons or your inability to comply with this policy, please contact to request a refund for your registration. Refunds may be granted at our discretion.

Questions: If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please reach out to